Stone Honeycomb Panels

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advantages of honeycomb panels

HyCOMB’s honeycomb slate combines natural stone veneers with fiberglass or aluminum honeycomb linings for reinforcement. It is a revolutionary application of exterior cladding and interior decoration, with many unparalleled advantages:

  • light weight; the overall weight is reduced by 2/3 compared to the size stone
  • rigid and sturdy; provides 60 times greater resistance on impact
  • easy to install; the patented fast installation system triples the installation speed and passes the hurricane wind loading test
  • practical and affordable; a single piece of stone cladding with a maximum size of 1500 x 3000mm significantly reduces labor costs
  • sound insulation and insulation; insulation and sound insulation for increased energy efficiency and comfort
  • anti-corrosion; long-lasting rust and corrosion resistance
  • weather resistance; designed to handle extreme temperatures – resistance to elements
  • environmental protection
  • waterproof; waterproofing makes our stone cladding ideal for interior, exterior and veneer applications
  • fire cladding solution: non-flammable
  • efficient; i insulation and soundproofing for peace and comfort

Our stone honeycomb panels are typically made up of 1MM aluminum backs, 17mm honeycomb, 1mm fiberglass or aluminum and 6mm stone, which can be straight or curved to your specifications.

stone veneer honeycomb panel with its unique advantages, better to achieve the design intent, saving a lot of material costs and installation time.

stone hive solutions for all tastes

HyCOMB panels offer a wide range of finishes for stone honeycomb panels around the world for all projects. The stone cladding materials we have selected include the following surfaces:

  • marbled
  • granite
  • limestone
  • sandstone
  • travertine
  • onyx
  • brick

curved stone layer

HyCOMB’s ultra-thin curved stone honeycomb panel is a patented product and innovative cladding solution that offers all the benefits of our regular stone honeycomb panels in addition to the following:

  • minimum curvature: radius 500mm, brittle stone up to 1000mm
  • curvature: inward and outward
  • note that the environmental protection cladding; significantly reduce waste during the production of curved panels
  • enhanced rigidity; the impact strength is 60 times stronger
  • large-format; the maximum and minimum size depends on your design

Hycomb’s surface stone honeycomb provides more flexibility to support design intent and saves significant material costs and installation time than other methods of making surface stone panels.

White Onyx Marble
HyCOMB's curved stone honeycomb panel

Certificates & Accreditations

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Why HyCOMB Stone Honeycomb Panels?

Our customised epoxy adhesive is supplied by a world-renowned adhesive brand within the construction industry, all of which helps us to produce lightweight stone cladding with far superior strength compared to traditional alternatives

Durability and weather resistance are the major concerns addressed by stone honeycomb, with the adhesive selected playing a key role in the lifespan of the panels.

Working in close partnership with our industry-leading supplier, our exclusive epoxy adhesive has been tailor-made specifically for the lamination of our stone wall panels with our special aluminium/fiberglass honeycomb backing.

The application process entails working closely with the adhesive supplier with detailed guidelines that are strictly followed during the production process of our stone honeycomb panels.

Testing & Durability 

We conduct comprehensive, accelerated aging testing to ensure long-lasting quality and endurance in scientifically-replicated, authentic weather conditions in partnership with the reputable testing company, SGS.

This involves exposing the panels to extreme temperatures which start at -40c and rise to 80c before dropping back to -40c again in a single cycle. Panels are subject to a total of 60 cycles as a minimum. Additionally, HyCOMB Panels has achieved the below certificates and accreditations.

HyCOMB's curved stone honeycomb panels applied for a structural column column
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