stone honeycomb panels




  • 重量轻; 与尺寸石相比,整体重量减少了 2/3
  • 刚性 + 坚固; 在撞击时提供 60 倍更强的抗性
  • 易于安装; 获得专利的快速安装系统使安装速度提高三倍,并通过了飓风风装载测试
  • 实用 + 实惠; 最大尺寸为 1500 x 3000mm 的单件石包层板,可显著降低人工成本
  • 隔音和隔热;绝缘 + 隔音性能,提高能源效率和舒适性
  • 防腐; 持久耐锈和防腐
  • 耐候性;设计处理极端温度 – 对元素的阻力
  • 环保
  • 防水; 防水使我们的石包层板成为内饰、外观和贴面应用的理想材料
  • 防火包层解决方案:不可燃
  • 高效; i绝缘 + 隔音性能,以获得宁静和舒适

我们的石蜂窝面板通常由 1MM 铝背、17mm 蜂窝、1mm 玻璃纤维或铝和 6mm 石材组成,这些面板可以是直板或弯曲板,符合您的规格。



HyCOMB 面板为世界各地的石蜂窝面板提供广泛的饰面,适合所有项目。我们选择的石包层材料包括以下表面:

  • 大理石
  • 花岗岩
  • 石灰石
  • 砂岩
  • 石灰华
  • 缟玛瑙


HyCOMB 的超薄曲线石蜂窝面板是一种专利产品和创新的包层解决方案,除了以下外,还具有我们普通石蜂窝面板的所有优势:

  • 最小曲率:半径 500mm,脆石高达 1000mm
  • 曲率:向内和向外
  • 注意,环保包层; 在弯曲面板生产过程中显著减少浪费
  • 增强刚性; 冲击强度强60倍
  • Large format; maximum and minimum sizes depend on your design

Compared to other methods of making curved stone panels, Hycomb’s curved stone honeycomb provides increased flexibility to support design intent and saves a significant amount of material cost and installation time.

Certificates & Accreditations

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Why HyCOMB Stone Honeycomb Panels?

Our customised epoxy adhesive is supplied by a world-renowned adhesive brand within the construction industry, all of which helps us to produce lightweight stone cladding with far superior strength compared to traditional alternatives

Durability and weather resistance are the major concerns addressed by stone honeycomb, with the adhesive selected playing a key role in the lifespan of the panels.

Working in close partnership with our industry-leading supplier, our exclusive epoxy adhesive has been tailor-made specifically for the lamination of our stone wall panels with our special aluminium/fiberglass honeycomb backing.

The application process entails working closely with the adhesive supplier with detailed guidelines that are strictly followed during the production process of our stone honeycomb panels.

Testing & Durability 

We conduct comprehensive, accelerated aging testing to ensure long-lasting quality and endurance in scientifically-replicated, authentic weather conditions in partnership with the reputable testing company, SGS.

This involves exposing the panels to extreme temperatures which start at -40c and rise to 80c before dropping back to -40c again in a single cycle. Panels are subject to a total of 60 cycles as a minimum. Additionally, HyCOMB Panels has achieved the below certificates and accreditations.

HyCOMB's curved stone honeycomb panels applied for a structural column column
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