HyCOMB Panels Facilities

Our extensive facilities are ideal for showcasing the impressive aesthetics of honeycomb panels and their structural superiority.


Our showroom perfectly captures the sophisticated finish that can be achieved by choosing stone honeycomb panels for your interior cladding. It gives you an opportunity to browse some of HyCOMB’s most popular products in a natural setting, giving you insight into what you can expect from your installation and an understanding of how our panels can bring some sophisticated modernity to your home or business.


HyCOMB is accredited by leading institutions and bodies spanning multiple countries in all corners of the globe.

Our in-house testing facilities have been a vital cog in helping us to become one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of honeycomb panels. Our purpose-built laboratory is used to carry out a range of quality testing to ensure a strong, durable and long-lasting product that offers maximum resistance fire-resistance.

You can use the 360 viewers below to explore our facilities in more detail or contact us to learn more.


Testing Facilities

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