Brick Honeycomb Panels

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The latest addition to HyCOMB’s product range, we manufacture lightweight brick honeycomb panels that combine stunning visuals with innovative cladding solutions and can be fitted in a all sorts of environments.

From stylish bars to reimagined offices, the stunning natural aesthetics of our brick effect cladding sheets makes it perfect for a wide range of spaces as well as both internal and external cladding applications.

With the authentic appearance of regular brick to the naked eye but with several advantages from a building perspective, faux brick cladding has continued to grow in popularity for both domestic and commercial installations.

By applying our porcelain panels onto a honeycomb core backing, we can produce a pre-fabricated, one-piece ‘brick wall’ with maximum dimensions of 1220x2440mm that is actually a brick effect cladding sheet. This allows for much simpler and crucially shorter installations. Because our honeycomb brick is produced from our patented porcelain honeycomb panels, we’re able to provide a cost-effective cladding solution with installation costs that are up to two thirds cheaper than real brick applications.

Designed specifically for the modern environment, brick effect honeycomb panels need much less raw material to produce, they could help reduce the environmental impact of wall cladding.

These patented lightweight panels still give you the same beautiful look of real bricks, but with a much simpler installation process, without all the headaches.

Brick honeycomb panel installation

Honeycomb Brick Applications

You can use HyCOMB‘s brick-effect cladding practically anywhere to achieve the stylish and realistic look of natural brick. The light weight and structural flexibility of these panels makes them ideal for applications in all sorts of spaces.

Our innovative, patented installation system coupled with high resistance against extreme weather conditions means our brick effect cladding can be used for both interior walls and exterior cladding, even in extreme climate zones.

  • External cladding applications
  • Internal cladding applications
  • Bars & restaurants
  • Visitor centres,, libraries & other public spaces
  • Offices & conferencing spaces
  • Domestic applications; from living rooms to bedrooms


We can produce brick-effect cladding sheets tailored to your individual requirements, however, typically our panels are manufactured to meet the below specification.

  • Panel type: Honeycomb brick panels
  • Surface material: 6mm brick porcelain
  • Backing material: 10-30mm honeycomb panel
  • Sizing: Various sizes available up to 1200mm x 2400mm. Contact us for bespoke cladding enquiries

Certificates & Accreditations

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Benefits Of Brick-Effect Cladding Panels

Brick-effect cladding panels offer a number of benefits compared to use of traditional brick, the most obvious of which are the reduced weight, time and installation costs, despite their superior strength. Crucially, like all HyCOMB products, our brick effect wall panels are fire and heat resistant and have been tested in-house to ensure uncompromised levels of safety.

Other benefits over traditional brick include:

  • Unrivalled strength & durability; 60 x stronger impact resistance than 3cm granite slabs
  • Beautiful aesthetics; a unique option for a corner piece at home or in commercial venues like bars, offices and more
  • Trusted & accredited by industry experts across the world
  • Lightweight & cost-effective; significantly reduced weight allows for faster installations, reduced raw material & cheaper transportation costs
  • Simpler installations; reduced necessary manpower combined with the lightweight & practical design of our brick effect sheets makes installations easier than ever before
  • High-resistance; provides resistance against corrosion, humidity and extreme weather conditions for long-lasting quality
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Looks just like real brick, but weighs up to 70% less
  • Manufactured & tested in-house; we cut out the middle man so you always receive unrivaled quality at the best price
  • Non-combustible; fire & heat-proof, tested in our in-house laboratory to ensure maximum fire safety & British Standards (BSI) A2 certified
  • Sound absorption
  • Fully tested for acid and freeze/thaw
  • High flexural strength; ideal for seismic areas
  • High wind load capacities thanks to high flexural strength & larger panel sizes
  • Help to gain green certifications – LEED/GREEN/Energy Star
  • Fade-resistant; resistance against staining & natural light means you can enjoy long-lasting quality & style

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