Astana Arena Exterior Cladding Project

HyCOMB's aluminium honeycomb panels used for exterior cladding at Astana Area; Khazakstan's national football stadium.
Astana Arena Kazakhstan
Astana Arena by night - large

Project Information

  • Location: Astana Arena, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Feature Product: Aluminium Honeycomb Panels
  • Surface Skin: 1.0mm aluminium sheet with PVDF coating
  • Application: Exterior cladding
  • Area: 15,000m²

About the Project

The Astana Arena is a modern stadium located in Khazakstan’s capital city, Nur-Sultan. The venue serves as the national stadium for the Kazakhstan national football team and FC Astana, one of the country’s most established domestic sides, as well as hosting the home games of first division side FC Bayterek.

The stadium has a capacity of 30,000 as well as a retractable roof and has hosted Champions League matches – the highest level of European football – in recent years, including a group game between FC Astana and Manchester United. 

Astana Arena is the second-largest stadium in the country and was built between 2006 and 2009 at a cost of $185 million, and was officially opened on 3 July 2009. The stadium offers impressive aesthetics and architecture, part of which is formed by HyCOMB’s aluminium honeycomb panels.

The stadium also hosted the opening ceremony of the 7th Asian Winter Games, which took place in January 2011.

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