Chongqin Rural & Commercial Bank

Project Information

  • Location: Chongqing Rural & Commercial Bank, China
  • Feature Product: Stone Honeycomb Panels
  • Surface Skin: Both sides with 0.8mm aluminium sheets
  • Application: Interior cladding
  • Area: 5,000m²

About the Project

Established on June 29, 2008, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank has been providing banking and financial services under its existing name for over ten years.

Another modern building with beautiful aesthetics, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank’s headquarters boasts a stunning interior, thanks in part to HyCOMB Panels, who were tasked with supplying internal cladding materials for the building.

We did this in the form of our popular stone honeycomb panels, which combine a robust structure with a spectacular, polished stone finish to produce a remarkable appearance.

Today, the bank’s services can be divided up into three segments:

  • Corporate Banking – engaged in the provision of financial products and services to corporations, government agencies and financial institutions. 
  • Personal Banking –  engaged in the provision of financial products and services to individual customers. 
  • Financial Market Operations – engaged in the money market, repurchase transactions and debt instruments investment for its own account or on behalf of customers.

History of the Bank 

  • The original Chongqing credit association was founded in 1951
  • In the original Chongqing credit association consisted of thirty-nine district, county credit cooperatives, and cooperative banks
  • The bank followed in the footsteps of Shanghai and Beijing to become China’s third – and the first western -rural commercial bank. 
  • Registered capital of 9.3 billion yuan, under the jurisdiction of 39 county-level branches, 1797 branches
  • As of the end of May 2008, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank deposits had reached 117 billion yuan, the loan balance of 68.2 billion yuan, asset size, scale of deposits, the number of outlets in Chongqing financial institutions first
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