Al Noor Resident Tower

Project Information

  • Location: Doha, Qatar
  • Feature Product: Granite honeycomb panels
  • Surface Skin: 8MM ROSA PORRINO (Red Cherry) polished +20mm aluminium honeycomb panel backing
  • Application: Exterior cladding
  • Area: 3,854m²

About the Project

Standing at 29 stories high, Al Noor Residential Tower is a newly-developed, elegant residential high-rise located in the very city center of Doha. 

Another modern addition to an already wonderful architectural scene in Qatar’s vibrant capital, Al Noor Residential Tower joins the Eye of Doha on an ever-growing list of stunning projects to have recruited HyCOMB Panels to provide our innovative honeycomb panels.

HyCOMB supplied and installed 8mm red cherry granite panels with honeycomb backing as the high-rise facade cladding material, ensuring a robust structure combined with impressive aesthetics.

A series of thorough tests were conducted to ensure full compliance with the Warnock & Hersey mark and local building regulations, including comprehensive testing of physical properties, alongside surface burning characteristics tests to ensure the utmost fire safety standards were met in accordance with ASTM.

As the name suggests, Al Noor Residential Tower was constructed to provide stylish accommodation for a small percentage of the city’s ever-growing number of residents. The building’s large openings on either side provide its occupants with spectacular, unobstructed panoramic views of every point of the skyline.

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