Porcelain Cladding and Honeycomb panels

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Porcelain honeycomb panels combine stunning aesthetics with excellent structural qualities, making them a full-proof cladding solution. 

Integrating HyCOMB’s robust and reliable technology at the core, our honeycomb porcelain tiles provide a bespoke solution for the fast and affordable application of porcelain cladding sheets. 

The strong and rigid nature of the honeycomb backing significantly enhances the impact strength and ensures complete flatness of the super-thin porcelain panel face. 

HyCOMB’s mature, dry-fix installation system for the application of porcelain cladding significantly reduces installation costs and time, particularly when fitting exterior cladding, whilst our special aero grade thermal adhesive ensures maximum strength.

Porcelain Cladding Applications

Our porcelain cladding is honeycomb backed and is just perfect for striking facades and other porcelain cladding sheets uses like interior feature walls. In fact, its lightweight combined with its ultra-thin appearance makes our porcelain wall cladding suitable for a variety of stunning internal applications, from bathroom wall panels to commercial building projects.

Panel Specifications

Ultra Large Format Panels icon - porcelain panels

Ultra Large Format Panels

Max. 1000*3000mm
One-piece porcelain panel

Multi Collection Panels icon - porcelain panels

Multi collection

Over 108 porcelain faces
for your selection

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Matured cladding system

Best solution
for porcelain cladding

More About Our Thin Porcelain Panels


  • Panel makeup: Face: 3mm / 6mm / 9mm porcelain panels
  • Backing: 20-25mm honeycomb backing
  • Panel composition: Aluminum honeycomb core panels or fiberglass sheets with a stylish porcelain surface
  • Core material: 3003 or 5052 aluminum foil
  • Adhesive: Aero grade epoxy adhesive
  • Anchoring brackets: aluminum or stainless steel

Porcelain Panel Qualities

  • Durable & made to last; strong resistance against cracking, chipping & scratches
  • Water-resistant; waterproof qualities make our porcelain panels suitable for external or bathroom & kitchen applications
  • Long-lasting aesthetics; easy to clean with resistance against stains and protection against discoloration/fading due to sun or elements
  • Fire-proof; our porcelain cladding system prevents the spread of fire and has been rigorously tested for your safety
  • Lightweight honeycomb structure; increases efficiency by enabling quick and easy applications of our super-light porcelain sheets
  • Weather-resistant; Resistance against rust & corrosion
  • Customisable; choose your preferred face material from over 100 porcelain cladding tiles
  • Impact resistance; no breakages, even under pressure or extreme force.
  • Able to handle extreme temperatures; suitable for use in various environments or climates

Certificates & Accreditations

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Warnock Hersey mark
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HyCOMB® Porcelain Honeycomb Panel Color Choices

Brick-Effect Cladding

We also provide beautiful brick-effect cladding sheets. By applying our porcelain panels onto a honeycomb core backing, we can produce a pre-fabricated, one-piece ‘brick wall’ with maximum dimensions of  1220x2440mm, perfect for creating stylish interiors in bars and offices. 

With the authentic appearance of regular brick to the naked eye but with several advantages from a building perspective, including much shorter installation times, lightweight porcelain honeycomb panels provide a cost-effective cladding solution with installation costs that are up to 2/3rds cheaper than those of real brick. Other colour and surface examples can be viewed below.

Porcelain Honeycomb Panel Colour Chart

Porcelain Panel FAQs

What size are HyCOMB’s porcelain cladding panels?

The default specifications of our porcelain panels are 1000mm x 3000mm x 3mm. By manufacturing large format porcelain panels, we’re able to drastically reduce installation times (and consequently costs), even for larger-scale applications. Costs are further reduced as few units are needed in order to complete the installation.

How thick are your porcelain panels?

Choose from 3mm, 6mm or 9mm. By manufacturing extra thin porcelain panels, we’re able to create lightweight porcelain tiles that look incredibly stylish but still provide maximum strength. Again, this helps to provide rapid installations by reducing fatigue.

Can I use your panels for external applications?

Of course! Our porcelain cladding panels are extra durable due to their honeycomb core, making them ideal for exterior wall cladding. If you have a project in mind or need further information, just let us know.

How much do HyCOMB’s porcelain panels cost?

This really depends on the size of your project and the number of materials you’ll need. However, as we manufacture, test and supply all of our panels directly using our specialist in-house facilities, we’re able to offer our porcelain panels at a significantly reduced cost compared to other providers. For a bespoke quote, get in touch today.