Eye of Doha QUATAR

HyCOMB's Aluminium Honeycomb panels installed at the Eye of Doha

Project Information

  • Location: Eye of Doha
  • Feature Product: Aluminium Honeycomb Panels
  • Surface Skin: 1mm PVDF painted aluminium
  • Application: Exterior cladding
  • Area: 1,000m²

About the Project

The Eye of Doha – also known as the Eye of Qatar –  is an iconic commercial building located in Qatar’s capital city of Doha. Built between 2013 and 2015, its innovative architecture makes for a spectacular site with it’s striking, colourful exterior which features dazzling shades of gold, red and blue.

Its stunning exterior facade – applied to form the shape of an eye from which the building takes its name – is further enhanced by the use of HyCOMB’s aluminium honeycomb panels with PVDF painting, ensuring that the building’s robust structure is as impressive as its appearance.

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