Honeycomb Cladding Testing

Every batch of products manufactured by HyCOMB Panels is subject to various testing procedures within our purpose-built, in-house laboratory. This is done to ensure durability, weather & age resistance, high-impact resistance and fire-safety amongst other things.

Other cladding testing reports covering major physical properties, salt spray and thermal co-efficiency also available for your perusal and we are happy to share these with all customers. For detailed test reports please contact us.

HyCOMB Panels is also accredited by a number of regulatory bodies around the world. More information about this can be found on our certifications page.


Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Testing Procedures


Accelerated Aging Test

Accelerated Aging Test

-40 degree celcius to 80 degree celcius then back to -40 as one cycle. A total 60 cycles onward. The bonding strength tested under ASTM C297 remains at an excellent level.

Freeze Thaw Resistance


ASTM C67-11

Standard test method for sampling and testing brick and structural clay tile – Clause 9. One hundred cycles of freeze and thaw.


Surface Burning Test


Test for surface burning characteristics of Building Materials. To determine the relative burning behavior by observing the flame spread along the specimen. Flame spread and smoke development index are record as ‘zero’ for HyCOMB® panels.

Wind Load Test


ASTM E283-04, ASTM E331-00, TAS 202-94 (ASTM E330-30)

Air infiltration test – Water infiltration test – Wind load test (+/-0.5DL, +/-DL; +/-0.75DL, +/-1.5DL).


Large Missile Impact

TAS 201-94

Testing for large missile impact. HyCOMB® panels passed the test with no failure record.


Testing Images

HyCOMB Panels missing projection test - honeycomb panels safety testing

Wooden projectile caught at impact

HyCOMB Panels missing projection test results

Recorded impact. Center indentation shows where the 2 x 4 hit the test area

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