Intergrated Bathroom  new high-tech materials bathroom system

Integrated bathroom is a bathroom system solution that uses new high-tech materials to integrate the toilet floor, wall and ceiling, and systematically integrates supporting facilities such as washing, toilet and bathing. As a part of industrial building decoration, all product components are produced in the factory. For on-site dry construction, two workers can install a set in four hours at the fastest, which can greatly improve the construction efficiency, improve the decoration quality and reduce the dependence on labor.

Integrated bathroom disassemble diagram

Pipe line/ electricity line distribution diagram

Integrated bathroom  application in deapartment

Integrated bathroom  application in deapartment

Integral bathroom chassis

SMC waterproof plate is of high density and high strength. The ground and water retaining flanging are formed at one time without leakage. There is no need to waterproof the internal ground and wall.

Polyurethane foam waterproof chassis has more reliable waterproof performance, low density, high strength and good bending resistance.

Integrated ceiling mounting system

Installation Clip of Bathroom wall panel

Color chart of SMC chassis