Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

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Composition & Benefits of Aluminium Honeycomb Panels

HyCOMB® Honeycomb Aluminium Panels consist of two layers of an aluminium honeycomb metal sheet and steel sheets on the top and bottom sides, with an inner aluminium honeycomb core in-between. This allows for a lightweight structure while enhancing the rigidity of panels on a large scale.

Our Honeycomb aluminium panels feature higher rigidity and the panel itself is extremely flat, making use of aluminium honeycomb metal sheet panels as one of the most efficient wall cladding materials for both interior and exterior applications. Over the past 10 years or so Aluminium Honeycomb Panels have grown in popularity within the construction industry due to their ease of use, lightweight and longevity. In the past, they were predominantly used for the marine and aerospace industries.

Fire safety remains paramount throughout HyCOMBs manufacturing process. In addition to stunning aesthetics, the physical qualities of aluminium honeycomb cladding mean it provides a fire-resistant alternative to other materials.

Stone honeycomb panels structure

Aluminium Honeycomb Metal Sheet Panel Manufacturing & Surface Coating

A series of surface coatings are available for different applications to suit all projects and ensure that demands are exceeded in terms of both decoration and protection.

  • Aluminium: PVDF – PE -Powder Coating – Anodizing
  • Stainless Steel: Anodizing – Vacuum plating
  • Mill-finished aluminium honeycomb panels also available for your further lamination.

The entire manufacturing process of HyCOMB® aluminium honeycomb panels takes place in-house, from the aluminium honeycomb core to the surface material, whether an aluminium/steel, Porcelain or a Stone finish is applied.

This process allows for greater quality-control and a more cost-efficient production process of our metal honeycomb panels, enabling us to provide the best possible price for our customers. Our competitive pricing and high-quality products have led to the application of HyCOMB®’s honeycomb aluminium panels in numerous major projects worldwide – including huge applications as part of MRT projects in Singapore and Malaysia and even a national football stadium; the Astana Arena.

Aluminium honeycomb panel - HyCOMB Panels

Aluminium Honeycomb Core

Hycomb has supplied their lightweight aluminium honeycomb core to many projects. These projects can be viewed in detail on our projects page. Aluminium honeycomb core can be used in many different ways and is usually 17mm thick.

Using a honeycomb core for cladding and interior design is advisable on any project because of the way it is manufactured. The core is made of a lightweight material called aluminium formed into hexagons that are dense and designed for quick, high volume manufacturing.

The Aluminium honeycomb core is sandwiched between layers of backing, fibreglass and stone or porcelain giving a bespoke personal finish to any interior or exterior cladding.

core 3

Certificates & Accreditations

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Thermal Adhesive Film

Applied in the lamination of HyCOMB Aluminium honeycomb panels.

Thermal adhesive films are applied in the lamination of HyCOMB® honeycomb metal panels. The film is the most ideal bonding material for aluminium sandwich panels and was co-developed by HyCOMB® with one of the industry’s most renowned chemical adhesive suppliers.

When compared to traditional epoxy adhesives, the film offers unparalleled advantages:

  • Higher elasticity than traditional glue – allowing the adhesive layer more flexibility during thermal expansion and contraction of the panel, so as to provide enhanced durability and avoid ‘bubbling’ or delamination even under extreme weather conditions.
  • The film can be applied more uniformly than traditional epoxies due to its solid form under normal temperatures, meaning it does not require additional labour to spray onto the material surface, therefore avoiding uneven applications of the adhesive.
  • Panels applied with the film were found to be 3 x times stronger in the drum peel test when compared to traditional glues due to the stronger bonding strength it could provide.
  • The film significantly enhances work efficiency as the process of traditional adhesive application by human labour is skipped.
  • The melting point of the film is above 128 celsius. Therefore it performs way better when compared to traditional glue, which will start to crack or even break down at around 80 degrees Celcius.

Thermal adhesive film comparisons Specifications

Thermal adhesive film used to enhance the quality of HyCOMB Panels products

Thermal Adhesive Film

Films are in solid form under normal temperature. Way faster application than tradtional epoxy adhesives.

Aluminium honeycomb Panels quality comparison - traditional epoxy (left) vs thermal adhesive film (right)


To the left hand side is traditional epoxy adhesive. To the right is thermal adhesive film. The film applies more uniformly than the traditional glue.

Bubbling can often occur as a result of using a cheaper epoxy which often fails in rapidly changing temperatures

Bubbling Issues

By applied traditional epoxy adhesive the panel tends to fail under rapid temperature change, while the film could perfectly solve such possible risks.

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