About HyCOMB Panels

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HyCOMB Panels has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of innovative range of honeycomb core panels and products to the global market since its inception in the year 2000; a very exciting year to start a company. By combining an integrated production line with a professional team in our state of the art facility, we are able to provide a one-stop lightweight honeycomb solution for a wide range of applications. 

Initially specialising in honeycomb construction panels, our vast range of honeycomb core products includes everything from interior and exterior cladding solutions to interior furnishings like stylish tables, vanity tops and stone basins. From initial concept and design to manufacturing and testing, we oversee the entire production process, allowing for unrivalled efficiency and competitive pricing.

Today, we provide cut-to-size, lightweight honeycomb panels in a range of surface finishes including aluminium, porcelain, marble and various other stone surfaces, with either a metal or fiberglass core.

These options allow us to create bespoke cladding solutions for every project. Industries including construction, transportation, shipping and lighting have particularly benefited from the impressive strength of honeycomb core panels.

Quality is never an accident, it is the result of intelligent effort. HyCOMB’s products meet ASTM and British Standard requirements, which cover performance, fire safety, and other physical properties of cladding panels and installation systems. HyCOMB® panels are even reliable under extreme climate conditions, backed up by our High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) certificates from Warnock-Hersey and Miami Dade County.

Evolution is within. In 2014 we started the professional on-site installation of our panels in Hong Kong. This was done as part of our one-stop solution to solve the pain points of our HK clients based on years of customer feedback, which we addressed through an anchoring system design, installation methodology instruction and structural calculations.

In 2018 we gave birth to a new branch in the UK, Trendcomb Ltd, to engage the latest trends of European High Fashions. But most importantly, to simplify distribution across Europe

We believe in a sustainable future and as one of the world’s leading honeycomb panel manufacturers, our high-quality products can help you to create one. Contact our team today for a sample, to arrange a visit, or to learn more about honeycomb cladding technologies.


HyCOMB's stone honeycomb panels applied as exterior cladding panels at Kensington Row, London

Kensington Row, Kensington, London

with HyCOMB® Stone Honeycomb cladding

HyCOMB's Marble Honeycomb Panels installed as external cladding at 321 Ocean Drive, Miami

321 Ocean Drive, Miami,


with HyCOMB® Stone Honeycomb cladding

Hycomb's stone honeycomb cladding used for exterior cladding at 899 West Evelyn, Mountain View, California

899 West Evelyn, Mountain View, California

with HyCOMB® Stone Honeycomb cladding

Testing & Accreditations

HyCOMB has always strived to deliver high-quality products for the long term. Our QC Team built an in-house testing lab so that we could conveniently benchmark every batch of our panels during a seemingly unpredictable project process. Additionally, over the last 19 years, our honeycomb panels have been applied in thousands of projects around the world, from interior fit-outs, exterior claddings, ceiling tiles and vehicle test blocks to furniture and more. We are stubborn with a reputation-based business model, and it seems beneficial in the long run.

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Hycomb honeycomb machine

One-Stop Solutions

  • Integrated Production Lines: honeycomb core – metal honeycomb panels – stone honeycomb panels
  • Three Independent Workshops allowing for quality management and control
  • Excellent Cost Control; low failure rate and minimal waste
  • Continual Improvement; our work ethic for every project


  • Expertise; 20 years of expertise in the honeycomb industry
  • Industry-leading; first in the industry to enhance panel strength through the application of thermal adhesive film
  • Durable & versatile; significantly better weather resistance and flexibility compared to other manufacturers
  • Collaboration; we work closely with a world-renowned epoxy adhesive supplier, resulting in an exclusive, customised adhesive for our stone honeycomb panels
  • Reliable; ASTM-proven, durability is over 60 years
HyCOMB panels: precision cutting as part of the manufacturing process
HyCOMB Panels accreditations including Certificate of Conformity (COC) from TUV SUD

Trusted & Certified

In addition to our patented installation system, our panels are approved by a number of organisations and industry bodies around the world. Full details can be found on our certifications page. Our portfolio of certifications included world-renowned 

  • ASTM
  • British Standard
  • Warnock-Hersey Certifications
  • Miami Dade County NOA
  • ISO

In-House Laboratory Testing 

To ensure product quality and uncompromised safety, all products, including our cladding panels, are subject to comprehensive testing procedures within our state-of-the-art facilitiesA series of test reports are also available for your examination. 

Raw Material Tests:

  • Consistently monitor performance
  • T-bend test
  • Hardness test
  • Cross-cut test, etc.

Finished Product Tests:

  • Flatwise compressive strength
  • Flatwise tensile strength
  • Shear Strength
  • Accelerated aging, etc.

By striving to ensure product quality as much as you do, HyCOMB® is always ready to serve your next project. Contact us for more details.