One Kensington Row

Project Information

  • Location: 1 Warwick Lane, London, W14 8FN, UK
  • Feature Product: HyCOMB® Limestone Honeycomb Panels
  • 6m Portuguese Beige Limestone honed + 19mm Aluminium Honeycomb Panel backing
  • Application: Exterior Cladding
  • Project Size: 15,000m² for three building blocks

More About the Project

The Grenfell Tower Fire and Kensington Row

1 Kensington Row is a £2 billion development by the Berkeley Group in West Kensington, London. This project was completed in 2017 and the U.K government decided to move survivors from the Grenfell Tower Fire into this new building, which used fire safe Stone Honeycomb Panels to prevent the spread of fire exacerbated by flammable exterior cladding on the building.

It features 15,000m² of HyCOMB® 6mm Portuguese Beige Limestone Honeycomb exterior facade, supported by HyCOMB® Cladding System.

Later on, the officials of the project were particularly happy about the fire resistance of HyCOMB® Panels.

Kensington Row Exterior Stone Honeycomb Cladding - HyCOMB®