Encants Barcelona

HyCOMB's stainless steel honeycomb panels used to create a stunning mirror effect at Encants, central Barcelona
Encants Mirror Concept created by HyCOMB's stainless steel honeycomb panels
Encants Barcelona contemporary architecture brochure

Project Information

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Feature Product: Mirror finished stainless steel reinforced by honeycomb backing
  • Surface Skin: Mirror finished stainless steel
  • Application: Exterior cladding (Canopy / Ceiling)
  • Area: 5,000m²

About the Project

Encants Barcelona is a landmark building located in central area of Barcelona. It’s a market for small commodities and has been chosen as ‘cover project’ of contemporary architecture Barcelona handbook. It’s well known because of its height adjustable canopy clad with HyCOMB® panels. The honeycomb backing efficiently reinforces the 1mm mirror finished stainless steel on top, providing an unparalleled & impressive aesthetic look for the whole building.