Chongqin Rural & Commercial Bank

Project Information

Location: Chongqin Rural & Commercial Bank

Feature Product: Stone Honeycomb Panels

Surface Skin: Both sides with 0.8mm aluminium sheets

Application: Interior cladding

Area: 5,000m²

About the Project

Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank was established on June 29, 2008. In the original Chongqing credit association and 39 district and county credit cooperatives, rural cooperative banks formed on the basis of. This is following the Shanghai, Beijing, China’s third, the first western rural commercial banks. Registered capital of 9.3 billion yuan, under the jurisdiction of 39 county-level branches, 1797 branches. As of the end of May 2008, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank deposits reached 1117 billion yuan, the loan balance of 68.2 billion yuan, asset size, scale of deposits, the number of outlets in Chongqing financial institutions first. The original rural credit cooperatives in Chongqing was established in 1951, 2002 was identified as one of the eight rural credit reform pilot. The largest shareholder is Chongqing Yufu Asset Management Company, accounting for 10%.