1401 Elm Street

Project Information

Location: Dallas, Texas, U.S

Feature Product: Marble honeycomb panels

Surface Skin: 6MM PENTELIKON honed +19mm aluminium honeycomb panel backing

Application: Exterior cladding

Area: 13,000m²

About the Project

1401 Elm Street is the tallest skyscraper in Dallas, which is the former National Bank Building completed in 1960’s. Once it’s acquired by its current owner, decision had been made to renovate the façade with the existing stone. The stone itself, was from a quarry in Greece, and was famous because it was the same marble used in Parthenon of the Acropolis. With the concept of protecting mother nature, existing stone was taken down from the building and shipped to HyCOMB’s facility for processing into honeycomb panels. It not only turns to building into shiny way as it did when it originally completed; it also upgraded its structural integrity thanks to the reinforcement from honeycomb backing. National coverage on major media draws huge attention on the honeycomb stone ever since.