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From lighting and furniture to transportation and renewable energy, honeycomb panels are the standout choice for creating safer and more efficient building and design solutions.

In fact, honeycomb construction panels can be used – and indeed are – for all kinds of applications across a multitude of industries.

This is perhaps unsurprising considering the numerous advantages that honeycomb structural panels provide, from their lightweight and enhanced durability and strength, to faster, more practical installations and significantly reduced costs.

Aluminium panels are undoubtedly the most common choice for commercial applications, especially those involving building and structural work. This is largely down to their own structural qualities and solid aluminum core, which provides maximum rigidity, strength and robustness, even when subject to high levels of force or extreme weather.

Throughout the last two decades, HyCOMB Panels has acquired over 20 years’ industry expertise and built a vast portfolio of customers spanning multiple industries and sectors, including:

  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Cladding Solutions (Interior & Exterior, Commercial & Domestic)
  • Clean Rooms & Sanitary
  • Ceilings & Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Machine Platforms
  • Transportation (Automotive, Marine, Rail)
  • Wind Energy & Turbines

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