Aluminum Bead Panels

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    Panel Composition


  • 1. 0.7mm 3003 aluminum with PVDF coating
  • 2. 0.3mm profiled aluminum core material
  • 3. 0.05mm 3003 aluminum with PE coating


Aluminum Bead Panels

Real Fire-Rated Non-combustible aluminum Composite Panels

HyCOMB Aluminum Bead Panels are manufactured to be same with traditional Aluminum Composite Panels, with only difference in the core material – The core is formed from complete aluminum structure which it totally non-combustible.

With exceptional surface flatness and enhanced structural rigidity, HyCOMB Aluminum Bead Panels can be applied widely for cladding, walkway roof, high way barrier, advertising board, etc. High-quality PVDF coating ensure its weather resistance as well as industrial pollution resistance.

HyCOMB Aluminum Bead Panels shares the same installation methodology with traditional Aluminum Composite Panels, allowing site workers to keep their outputs when installing the panels.
A15-year warranty is provided to all HyCOMB Aluminum Bead Panels. Contact us today to understand more on how our panels can benefit your projects.