Aluminum Bead Panels

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Enhanced Aluminum Composite Panels

HyCOMB’s aluminium bead panels are an enhanced version of aluminium composite panels with a higher level of fire safety.

The bead panels are manufactured in the same way as traditional composite sheets, with the key difference being that the core material is formed from a complete aluminum structure. This allows us to create durable aluminium sandwich panels with a completely non-combustible structure to prevent the risk of fire, which is a common issue with traditional composite panels which often use cheaper, flammable core materials. Perhaps the best-known example of this is the Grenfell Tower fire in  2017, in which the polyethylene core of the aluminium composite cladding material used was identified by many experts as the factor responsible for the rapid spread of fire. HyCOMB’s complete aluminium core eradicates this risk.

HyCOMB’s beaded aluminium composite panel sheets can be used for various applications and purposes, but arguably the most common of these is for building projects and developments. HyCOMB Panels provides beaded aluminium composite cladding for internal and external applications, including rooftop and facade cladding, both domestically and commercially.

Benefits of beaded aluminium composite panels & cladding

With exceptional surface flatness and enhanced structural rigidity, there are plentiful benefits to HyCOMB’s enhanced aluminium composite cladding, which can be applied widely for high-quality PVDF coatings to provide weather resistance and industrial pollution resistance.

HyCOMB’s beaded acp cladding is implemented in the same way as traditional Aluminum Composite Panels, allowing site workers to keep their outputs during the installation process.

Other benefits of beaded aluminium composite panels include:

  • Complete aluminium core for a non-combustible structure & maximum fire safety, in contrast to cheaper, traditional acp alternatives
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Cost-effective in comparison to other cladding materials
  • Lighter weight than other cladding materials allows for simple installation
  • Wide choice of available surface finishes
  • Minimal maintenance; beaded ACP panels provide long-lasting aesthetics
  • Environmentally Safe – Several studies have shown that buildings using aluminium products are non-hazardous for people as well as the surrounding
  • Easy installation; HyCOMB’s enhanced aluminium composite panels can be easily shaped & installed without the use of specialised equipment
Aluminum Bead Composite Panel

Real Fire-Rated Non-combustible aluminum Composite Panels

Applications of Beaded Honeycomb Composite Panels

Bead panels can be used for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. Common acp sheet installations include:

  • Rooftop paneling and walkway roofing
  • Interior & exterior cladding
  • Motorway & other barriers
  • Advertising boards 
  • Other signage (internal and external)

Available Compositions

We supply our beaded aluminium composite panels in various specifications including the options listed below. 

  • 0.7mm 3003 aluminum with PVDF coating
  • 0.3mm profiled aluminum core material
  • 0.05mm 3003 aluminum with PE coating

For more information and guidance sourcing the best acp sheets for your project, please contact us.

Accreditations & Assurance

All of HyCOMB’s beaded aluminium composite products come with a 15-year-warranty to provide additional assurance and a long-lasting quality guarantee. Additionally, all HyCOMB panels carry the following certifications.

British Standard Logo - British Fire Standard
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) logo
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