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Firesafe Honeycomb Panels & Cladding  

HyCOMB® Panels is a leading provider of lightweight honeycomb core panels and cladding solutions with over 19 years’ industry experience.

We offer a wide range of products to suit all projects and aesthetics, from curved cladding and veneer panels to various styles of wall panels, including brick and metallic finishes.

Our fireproof Honeycomb Panels include:

  • Aluminium & Steel Honeycomb Panels
  • Stone & Marble Honeycomb Panels
  • Porcelain Honeycomb Panels
  • Aluminium Composite Honeycomb Panels
HyCOMB Integrated Production Line

HyCOMB® Panels excel in projects across the construction, transportation, lighting as well as the shipping industry. Our Panels meet the highest industry standards such as British Fire Standard and Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance.


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Kensington Row Project Aerial

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Honeycomb Panel Tensile Strength Test

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